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Exiled Architecture (Concept for Chronicles of solar empires)

The Exiled Faction is one of the five playable factions within our game “Chronicles of the Solar Empires: The Purge of the Exiled”. They are center stage lore-wise, and are very important regarding the future of the universe regarding CSE. “The idea of the Exiled is to trigger different reaction on players, they are not the traditional swarm-style faction, because there is more much depth to it, their origin and their recently obtained liberty of choice will grant them a very unique perspective. They are toddlers walking amongst races that took a natural path to develop, their culture is new, their civilization only spans a few generations.”

Their architecture is a direct result of this utilitarianism we just talked about. Their buildings are grim and resources are spent only when needed. No need for extra stuff.

More info:

Alejandro romero marchesi edificios exilaidos sprites
09 consejo de gobierno y presencia de ancestros   exiled concept
03 consejo de adaptabilidad   exiled concept
17 refineria y fundicion   exiled  concept
01 reciclador de materia   exiled
02 horno de desechos patologicos    exiled
04 criadero    exiled concept
10 altar de alimentos    exiled concept
06 altar de saqueo    exiled concept
16 pozo de excavaci%c3%b3n   exiled
07 altar de mutilacion e implantes   exiled
08 granero    exiled
05 consejo de diplomacia    exiled concept
11 guarida de esbirros   exiled concept
12 silo   exiled concept
13 almacenamiento secreto   exiled concept
14 consejo de guerra    exiled concept
15 mucosa de acido   exiled