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Characters enemies Khareni race - Trident´s wake

Concept Art for Trident's Wake, from Bacus Studios. Art by Alejandro Romero and Script by Ignacio Baldini

Trident's Wake is a procedurally-generated, co-operative twin-stick shooter that has players take control of Sentinels, mechanized chassis built specifically to house human consciousness, and battle to ensure humanity’s survival. Set in the year 2350, the remnants of mankind have taken refuge in a colony ship called Trident’s Wake - civilization's last bastion of hope. However, the vessel has been overrun by an unknown alien force and it’s up to players to customize their Sentinels with deadly firepower and work together to save mankind from annihilation.

Ale romero marchesi kharenis01
Ale romero marchesi kharenis02
Ale romero marchesi kharenis03
Ale romero marchesi kharenis04
Ale romero marchesi kharenis05
Ale romero marchesi kharenis06
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